Prevents Hair Loss And Alopecia


Saffron prevents hair fall by strengthening each strand from root to tip. It improves blood flow to follicles, allowing greater delivery of nutrients and oxygen.
♦ Take 3-4 tbsp of milk and ads 10-15 threads of saffron in it and leave the residue for 45-60 minutes
♦ Add 1-2 pieces of licorice (Mulethi) in the mixture
♦ Apply the mixture on the scalp and hair roots. leave the mix it for 15-20 minutes, then wash it off with warm water or mild shampoo
♦ You can also add argon oil or olive oil drops for more benefit
♦ This mixture acts as a hair tonic in treating alopecia and induce hair growth at a faster rate


• Dosages recommended as per health benefits are given above are mentioned according to several studies, data collection by various institutes, doctors or researchers and Google data.

• Please consult your doctor or medical practitioner before taking any dosage as mentioned above.

• Especially pregnant women, children or persons allergic to spices must consult the doctor before adding saffron into a daily routine.

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