Double Roasted Scallops


–   1/3 tsp crushed threads of Saffron
–   0.5 lb scallops
–    1/4 cup butter
–    a pinch of jalapeño pepper
–    3 diced garlics
–    Soy sauce
–    Chopped cilantro and parsley
–    1/2 Onion, thin sliced
–    a pinch of ground ginger or powder
–    a small lemon zest
–    Salt and pepper as needed

1. Roast the peppers and onions in butter till the onions become gold-brownish. Afterwards, include all the spices mentioned above plus saffron.
2. Reduce the heat and then add scallops mixed with soy sauce. Then include all other ingredients and leave for 10-15 min.
3. Turn the heat off and add parsley, garlics and cilantro.
This dish is mostly enjoyed during the spring.

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